Under special circumstances

Pregnancy, childbirth and the first few days with a newborn can go incredibly smoothly and simply catapult the mother to seventh heaven. But there can also be special circumstances at any time and everything can be set on “different”. Complications during pregnancy, multiple pregnancies and births, traumatic experiences during delivery or postpartum depression can all occur unexpectedly. Circumstances such as the partner's unexpected job loss or used vacation days can also ensure that support is needed.

In exceptional situations we are there for you and can spontaneously find a way to support you.


Kirsten recorded a podcast with baby sleep advisor Victoria from kingababy.de and talked a lot about the job of a maternal care giver. You can listen to the podcast here: 


Kirsten gave an interview on maternal care and doulas on firstdays.eu, a label for sustainable, fairly produced newborn clothing and magazine for the first time with babies. Have a look!