We are here for you. If you are looking for support during your pregnancy, for giving birth or for your first months as a mother, you have come to the right place. You are going through a unique journey and our mission is to help you and your baby enjoy it. We can help you plan and manage the childbirth, accompanying you in the arrival of your baby as your own personal “Doula”. And once the baby is there, we can be by your side, providing the confidence and support everyone needs in the first weeks as a “Maternal Care Giver”.

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Kirsten and Nele

What exactly does a maternal care giver do?

A maternal care giver supports pregnant women and postpartum mothers according to their individual needs in this very sensitive phase. The offer ranges from talks and baby care to massages and postnatal gymnastics, to looking after older siblings, preparing breastfeeding-friendly meals, caring for the household and much more. Everything that helps the mother find her a relaxing and satisfying way into the new phase of life, can be part of the offer.

What is a doula?

A doula is a birth companion who supports an expectant mother emotionally and physically. Before, during labor and after giving birth. She supports the mother with different methods and specialist knowledge to help you and the baby, have a positive birth experience. A doula has no medical function like a midwife or doctor. Rather, a “Doula’s” job is to assist you. Think of it as your permanent contact person, someone to help you plan and prepare for the birth. To be by your side during labor, convey your wishes and provide you with practical, emotional and mental support. 

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