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Margot Sommer:

Kirsten is an absolute dream! She is a great person and an experienced companion both before and after birth. Kirsten has a lot of expertise and a wonderful way about her. Beginning with the ride to the hospital, through the emergency efforts during the time our son was in the NICU, Kirsten was there to help. After the hospital she helped through fabulous fresh meals and everyday life tasks. I don’t know how I would have managed without her during the difficult time surrounding the birth of our third son.

Jessica Müller:

Very loving, emphatic and competent doula. Highly recommended as a birth companion!

Nelli Reger:

With my newborn twins, I was in desperate need of a "jump start" (with no family support nearby). With luck I found Kirsten and Nele, who stood by my side in so many ways: Childcare, walks with the kids so I could catch up on sleep, tips and tricks regarding everyday life with babies, neck massages, accompanying doctor and physio visits with the twins, a delicious healthy meal when needed, always open ears for my emotional well-being, shopping and much more! I was, so to speak, the one who got to say what exactly was needed that day. But they also saw and did things on their own, like cleaning out the clean dishwasher, taking down the trash, emptying the dryer.... and they did all of that with a lot of sympathy and kindness. My kids love them and I have always felt very comfortable with them as well. Despite all the help they have never lost sight of the goal of it all: that we eventually get along without them <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND YOUR PASSION IN YOUR JOB - women like you, every new mom should have at her side! Your Nelli



The best support you could ask for!

I am very happy to have become aware of maternity care through a podcast. Kirsten was truly the best support I could have asked for. We had super nice communication from the beginning and I was also able to get to know Kirsten during pregnancy. As soon as our little mouse was there, Kirsten supported my husband and me. The tasks of a maternity carer are varied - she helps with the household: washing clothes,... boiling bottles and also shopping. She did the first car trips with baby with me and always took care of me or the baby. There was also time for a neck massage against the tensions of breastfeeding! (: For me it was great that she always made sure that I got a good breakfast or lunch. With a small baby, such supposedly simple things become a challenge! Kirsten also took super loving care of our mouse. She just has a great rapport with babies and toddlers. We felt in good hands with her at all times!
I would come back to Hey Mum in a heartbeat if I were pregnant again. You couldn't ask for a better maternal nurse!


Nele supported us a few months after our daughter`s birth. She was a real “blessing in disguise”. Our consultation and communication went very well from the beginning on. Nele helped a lot around the house and cooked very tasty food for me. The most important thing for us was, that we found someone who treated our daughter well and with whom she felt comfortable all the time. Nele has a very calm and experienced manner which made it work wonderfully. It felt good when she had our daughter in her arms or went for a walk with her. I can only recommend Nele and her support as a maternal carer.


Such a warm and uncomplicated support! I am incredibly grateful for these weeks. Many more mothers should submit the application to the health insurance company (very easy to do). Nele, you helped me a lot, thank you!


The best and loveliest maternal carer giver I have ever met. Kirsten takes care of everything you can imagine, has an open ear for worries and problems, gives tips and offers the mothers a loving care. She is doing an awesome job and I can definitely recommend her to every mom to be!!!

Mia M.:


For our family it was very fortunate that we found Nele. She always looked after our four-year-old son lovingly (e.g. tinkering with him, going to the playground however the weather was), who is very happy every morning when she comes. As a nutritionist, she is great at cooking and can also advise on nutritional issues during pregnancy (e.g. iron deficiency). Already during my pregnancy she provided me with a lot of valuable advice and information material (hypnobirthing, birth process and preparation, contents of the clinic bag, preparation for authorities, massage, etc.). She complemented my midwife perfectly.

Nele is very empathetic, reliable, flexible and personable. It is very pleasant to have her around in the house and it is a tremendous relief! Thank you very much for your support in this important time, Nele!

Tiphanie Y.:

So grateful!!!!!! I’m used to having postpartum care for my previous two pregnancies. I wasn’t so sure I could find one in Germany but somehow I did!!!!!!!! Kirsten was great! She really understood my needs and integrated with my family routine and lifestyle so quickly, she’s so helpful at home, she took care of me, she was in charge of my kids’ dinners, she was helping me with anything that needed to be done at home so I could rest and recover in my first week weeks of postpartum... I wish I could have her in my house all the time!!! I definitely recommend hey mum to any moms ! Xx

L. Schürmann:

We are very grateful to have had Nele with us for the first weeks after birth. With a loving eye for important datails and gestures that are great for a mom, she was a huge help! Delicious home-cooked food, housekeeping, taking care of older siblings; everything was very helpful. We recommend!

Nicola K.:

Great that there is such a service as maternity care!!! With her practical tips, her extensive knowledge about babies, delicious home-cooked food, massages and her sympathetic, relaxed and at the same time hands-on manner, Kirsten has made my life insanely easier in the first weeks after the birth of my daughter and thus created valuable breaks for me to relax. The whole family felt super comfortable in her presence and always looked forward to Kirsten's visits. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kirsten!

Sunja B.B.:

I would give more stars if I could. The support before and especially after the birth in the puerperium was really great. Like a good friend, they stood by my side with their extensive knowledge and loving nature. That gave me a lot of confidence in dealing with myself and my son in the first days after the birth. A warm recommendation for all expectant mommies!

Christiane R.:


Absolutely recommendable! Kirsten helps in every nook and cranny, whether laundry, cooking, shopping or caring for the children (from zero to seven): She is absolutely trustworthy, always on time, tidy, loving and so warm that you never feel bad when you ask them for something.

Jana J.:


Dear Mommies, I recommend Kirsten with all my heart!

Mainly because of her, my/our start with the twins was really good.
She is a very big help that no new mom should be missing. She always helped me around the house without being asked, provided me with delicacies and is always ready to run errands.
Above all, Kirsten is fantastic with babies. She exudes calm and warmth, which simply transfers over to everyone. Even our older son accepted her straight away and he's very picky.

I find Kirsten very flexible and creative in solving the challenges of daily madness. She also does organizational things, e.g. for the offices.

I was really looking forward to seeing her every day.
It never got boring and we had interesting topics to talk about. Not unimportant in this special time when you tend to stay away from normal everyday life and social contacts.

Thank you very much, dear Kirsten! I wish you a lot of fun, lots of joy and lots and lots of nice families and mothers.

Your Jana

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