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Mia M.:


Für unsere Familie war es ein großes Glück, dass wir Nele gefunden haben. Sie hat sich immer liebevoll um unseren vierjährigen Sohn gekümmert (z.B. mit ihm gebastelt, bei Wind und Wetter auf den Spielplatz gegangen), der sich jeden Morgen schon sehr freut, wenn sie kommt. Als Ernährungswissenschaftlerin kann sie prima kochen und auch bei Ernährungsfragen in der Schwangerschaft beraten (z.B. Eisenmangel). Mich hat sie bereits während der Schwangerschaft mit vielen wertvollen Ratschlägen und Informationsmaterialien versorgt (Hypnobirthing, Geburtsverlauf- und vorbereitung, Inhalt Kliniktasche, Behördenvorbereitung, Massage usw.). Sie hat somit meine Hebamme perfekt ergänzt.

Nele is very empathetic, reliable, flexible and personable. It is very pleasant to have her around in the house and it is a tremendous relief! Thank you very much for your support in this important time, Nele!

Tiphanie Y.:

So grateful!!!!!! I’m used to having postpartum care for my previous two pregnancies. I wasn’t so sure I could find one in Germany but somehow I did!!!!!!!! Kirsten was great! She really understood my needs and integrated with my family routine and lifestyle so quickly, she’s so helpful at home, she took care of me, she was in charge of my kids’ dinners, she was helping me with anything that needed to be done at home so I could rest and recover in my first week weeks of postpartum... I wish I could have her in my house all the time!!! I definitely recommend hey mum to any moms ! Xx

L. Schürmann:

We are very grateful to have had Nele with us for the first weeks after birth. With a loving eye for important datails and gestures that are great for a mom, she was a huge help! Delicious home-cooked food, housekeeping, taking care of older siblings; everything was very helpful. We recommend!

Nicola K.:

Great that there is such a service as maternity care!!! With her practical tips, her extensive knowledge about babies, delicious home-cooked food, massages and her sympathetic, relaxed and at the same time hands-on manner, Kirsten has made my life insanely easier in the first weeks after the birth of my daughter and thus created valuable breaks for me to relax. The whole family felt super comfortable in her presence and always looked forward to Kirsten's visits. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kirsten!

Sunja B.B.:

I would give more stars if I could. The support before and especially after the birth in the puerperium was really great. Like a good friend, they stood by my side with their extensive knowledge and loving nature. That gave me a lot of confidence in dealing with myself and my son in the first days after the birth. A warm recommendation for all expectant mommies!

Christiane R.:


Absolutely recommendable! Kirsten helps in every nook and cranny, whether laundry, cooking, shopping or caring for the children (from zero to seven): She is absolutely trustworthy, always on time, tidy, loving and so warm that you never feel bad when you ask them for something.

Jana J.:


Dear Mommies, I recommend Kirsten with all my heart!

Mainly because of her, my/our start with the twins was really good.
She is a very big help that no new mom should be missing. She always helped me around the house without being asked, provided me with delicacies and is always ready to run errands.
Above all, Kirsten is fantastic with babies. She exudes calm and warmth, which simply transfers over to everyone. Even our older son accepted her straight away and he's very picky.

I find Kirsten very flexible and creative in solving the challenges of daily madness. She also does organizational things, e.g. for the offices.

I was really looking forward to seeing her every day.
It never got boring and we had interesting topics to talk about. Not unimportant in this special time when you tend to stay away from normal everyday life and social contacts.

Thank you very much, dear Kirsten! I wish you a lot of fun, lots of joy and lots and lots of nice families and mothers.

Your Jana

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